The Drybar X Naturalistas

I have been natural for about four years now. I become natural after I cut my hair into a pixie cut for the second time in college, and I was really tired of paying $80 for a relaxer that burned my scalp. I decided there had to be a better life, so I relinquished myself from the creamy crack and went natural.

As all my natural girls know going natural is a true science & journey of self-love. I became (and still am) a self-proclaimed product junkie. Trying everything I saw in my favorite naturals' IG posts or natural vloggers on YouTube. The biggest struggle was trying to find someone to straighten my hair & for it to stay straight without me spending the same price as my relaxer. 

I've been to natural stylists who would charge crazy amounts that a college student/ young professional with loans just couldn't afford ($60-$80) just to do my hair. So like most naturals, I found myself at the Dominicans because: 1) They are cheap & run tons of specials, and 2) Because my hair is soft, smooth, and stays that way after the style is completed.

But that heat was killer, and wasn't the best for my overall hair health. My ends began to spilt, and my hair started to break off. During transitioning, my hair was already breaking off because my natural hair & perm hair were now intermixing and making it crazy difficult to stay straight and healthy.

Finally, I made the decision to ditch the Dominicans with their painful heat & constant damage to my tresses, and I tried this new place my friend kept raving about (yes, she is natural as well).

That's when I found the holy grail that is...

The Drybar. 

I have had so many of my curly girls turn a skeptical eye towards it, even I had side eyed the place. Thinking the same questions I am sure you are thinking...

Do they really know what they are doing with my kinks & curls?
Will the style last?
They probably don't have products for my hair.

All the questions to those questions are a resounding yes!

For $40 (or $45 if you live in New York), I was able to get a blowout with minimal heat and a lasting style that usually lasts up to 2 weeks with proper maintenance & care. They have products for literally everyone, & they have even blown out my extensions/weave (additional: $20). All of their hairstyles & products are cocktail inspired which adds to the experience. 

Since I have moved from DC to NY, I have opted into the Barfly membership which is $75 a month, which includes two blowouts & any additional blowouts will be $35 instead of $40, and any blowouts that I don't use will roll over! Btw, I get a free birthday blowout.

 It just makes more sense for me to opt-in now because I usually get my hair done every two weeks if I am not wearing it natural for my two week break. And let's be honest, I am really not trying to do my hair myself.

 It is just cheaper for me in the long run, even if it is $5-$15 a month extra I save, that can go to gas tank, groceries, or to reload my Starbucks card.


The Drybar's philosophy is simple: Focus on one thing & be the best at it. Their motto is No cuts. No color. Just blowouts. 

So why am I suggesting this to all my natural ladies?

Drybar is all about protecting the hair, which is so important for everyone, but especially for those newly natural ladies in transition, where the hair is more prone to breakage. 

The Drybar has recently introduced their own version of a detangler & smoothing product called the Velvet Hammer: Hydrating Control Cream , that was made to replace Moroccan Oil products for coarser texture hair.

The verdict is in... It is really great! It also works really well as a styling cream for when you want to wear it curly. 

They also use the Hot Toddy  on my hair, which is hair protectant they put on the hair before they apply heat to the hair. They always use on my hair whether it is my natural hair or weave, the 100 Proof Treatment Oil, which is great to fight against those annoying flyaways & frizz.They even have nourishing hair masks & hair shots , which serve as their deep conditioners. I usually get the Mudslide Hair Mask ($20) , at least once a month to every two months, and they also give me a little mini bottle to take home with me for my next wash.

 (They sell all these products at Sephora as well if you want those BI points.)

If you still aren't sold, picture this...

Walking into a beautiful, open, crisp, white & yellow scenery surrounded by fresh flowers, snacks, & smiles.

You are instantly asked once you've checked whether you want cucumber-lemon infused water, coffee, tea, lemonade, or a mimosa. You get to enjoy getting your 'do did, while watching the ultimate chick flick or show, listening to Queen Bee, Sam Smith, or whatever infectious tune is hot right now, and having awesome convo with your Drybar stylist. 

Then when you all finished, they spin you around to look at yourself in a full length mirror that is behind. Nothing is like that for a woman to yourself transfer and feeling absolutely stunning. 

 You literally come out looking & feeling like a million bucks. It is, as if,  you just came from the spa. Ready to take on the world.

I've had the opportunity to go The Drybar in Georgetown, DC &  in Del Mar, California. I've had white stylists, black stylists, and male stylists.

 Every single time, doesn't matter where I go or who what stylist I receive or whether I am wearing weave or no weave, the client service & hairstyle quality is impeccable. They are always quick and professional. I  literally recommend it to everyone I know, and a major plus are the products smell amazing! 

Book an appointment on the app in Apple Store or online & try it for yourself!

Above are all the times The Drybar has did my hair mixed with some of my natural styles. I'm more of a 3c/4a depending on the day.

Let me know what you think dolls!

Peace, Love, & Blowouts <3