Fall Into The Gloss : Glossier Review

I don't know if many of you know of the 'new skincare first, make up second' line, but if you don't please get hip ASAP. [This stuff is always out of stock, because it is that good] 


Glossier is a line every woman should know about. From those who like a mild beat to a complete beat, you should have this line in their arsenal. Skincare is the major key to have the best full face of makeup. You have to make sure your base is at its best so the rest of your beat can shine. 

I decided to try Glossier on Cyber Monday, because the deals were too good to pass up. I got to use my friend's 20% off code on top of the Cyber Monday deals PLUS free shipping. It was clearly fate that I try these products. 

I decided to invest in the Soothing Face Spray, Priming Moisturizer, and the Boy Brow. My Glossier package was on my door step in about 3 days. The packaging was super cute (picture above). It came with a ziplock bag with bubble wrap inside, which I use for travel. I've waited so long to share my fall into the gloss because I wanted to make sure it work.  I have been using the products for about 3 months now, and I literally have no regrets.

The Soothing Face Spray is great for those who are dry after their daily cleanse and need an extra boost, or you need refresher spray throughout the day to re-hydrate your skin. I have combination/ normal skin, and this has helped me keep everything in check especially those random dry patches. 

The priming moisturizer is amazing to and easy to use with other products. I use my moisturizer in conjunction with my Fresh eye cream and Murad Invisiblur. Very easy to use with other products and definitely not pore clogging. 

The Boy Brow is literally wow, especially for those curly hair girls. It is like having Anastasia Brow Pomade in wand form especially on those lazy days when you just want to look somewhat human, just do your brows and a little liner & get out the door. When I am doing a full beat I like to use it to feather out my brows and lay everything down. 

Honestly, Glossier is one of the best skincare/makeup investments I have made in awhile besides my Fresh Rose Mask. I haven't been disappointed yet, and they continue to add new products to their site. But once they are stock, HURRY because they sell out like crazy, and it does take some time for them to restock. 

Get 20% off your first order!

Try it out let me know what you think! 

Have fun dolls!