My Top 4 'No Make-Up' Make-Up Essentials

The 'new trend' is the 'No Make-Up' make up look. But lets be real, busy ladies have perfected this look down to science. After I have finished my hair, which I have vowed myself I would only take 10 minutes & I just spent 30 minutes, I literally have 10 minutes or less to myself ready & out of the door.  

So, when this happens to me, which is usually 95% of the time, these are my top 4 products I have in my arsenal.

1. Boy Brow in Brown by Glossier - This product is amazing for my brows! This literally lays my brows down (I have curly brow hairs), and acts a filler for my brows all with one swoop. 

2. Stretch Concealer in Deep by Glossier - I have combo skin, so this product is best as a solo act. I've tried once to wear it with foundation & I turned into an oily mess. This has great coverage for my under eyes & dark spots on my skin. A little goes a long way. 

3. Multistick in Cerise by Bite Beauty- This little beauty is my lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow all in one. Its name, as a multistick, is well deserved. Creamy application but powder like wear. This product is truly a dream. Btw, I love the packaging! The top is magnetized, so no losing the top or the top falling off in my large bag.  

4. Haloscope in Quartz by Glossier- This is my quick & fast highlight. No brush needed. This won't have you shining like a unicorn, but it will give you a healthy glow even when you aren't feeling the day. With its hydrated core and crystal extracts on the outer rim, it definitely makes you looked like you care about your appearance for a second. 


What are your go to products? Have you tried any of these? Let me know! 

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