Are You Fed Up Yet?

I am so fed up.  

Enough is enough. 

Here we go again. Oh what am I referring to?

Just another young black teenager gunned down...again.

Michael Brown was 18 years old , about to start college. Now he can't....because he's dead. This should be a national outrage! We, as Americans, need to take care of, in house matters. How can we fight for equality and discrimination with religion and gender, when we can't even do that in our country? We truly have no room to go out and try to "improve" or help other countries when black and brown children can be killed for being just that...being black or brown. 

I need us to remember the power in our voices! It is imperative that we don't give up hope on the power of the people...especially Black people. We have been through so much, from slavery, the cotton fields, Jim Crow, to even now with this covert racism.

We must rise together as a people and remember we have the power to elect these officials who enact these policies and laws. It is a shame, that I am scared of law enforcement when I see them rather than feeling safe and secure. I am not doing anything wrong. I am following the law, but just because the color my skin, I always have to be on the lookout.

                                                                                                   Mike Brown gunned down.

                                                                                                   Mike Brown gunned down.

It is completely true what Du Bois explained about the "double veil" that Black Americans face in this country. It is the consent battle of whether you, as Black person in this country, are truly an American. You are an American because you know no other country. But America doesn't really accept you.

You do not have the full protections of the social contract you enter into with the country you reside. You pay your taxes. You have a citizenship. You follow the laws. BUT you are constantly feeling as if you don't truly your fellow citizens, your law enforcement,  your justice system, and your education is as if every system that is set up to allow you to function as a full productive citizen isn't designed for you.

It is as if those systems that allow you to succeed are only given to those with the golden ticket, which is granted and decided at birth by the color of your skin.

You can be the most successful man in the world, with all the money in the world, but if your color is that of a black or brown hue, your privilege is limited.

We have a state of emergency. Just because we have a Black president doesn't change the fact that we still have much to do. This open conversation of race needs to happen. This conversation is centuries behind, but its never too late to have it. We have to recognize our history as a country, and stop trying to brush it under the rug like a dirty secret.

Segregation was not so long ago, as people try to make it seem. We just celebrated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington 50th anniversary of the Mississippi Freedom Summer.

It's time to deal with the reality that racism is still alive and probably thriving worst then EVER. If a young man or a young woman can't get skittles from his/her local convenience store, or take out the trash in front his/her house, or find help when they get into an accident, or even play music in the car with his/her friends, how are we protecting our children and what does that mean for the state of our country?

So I have a question for you.....Are you fed up yet?

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