Sister Likes

I've been stewing over the past few days about what I should post for my second EVER entry on my new blog...
       Had many ideas and I'll get to all of those,  but I think I would like to touch on something I have noticed over the last year or so...and that is girls, well women, that doubletap IG pictures, retweet tweets, and just overall befriend other women that they know have, still are, or recently just stop messing with their proclaimed bae.

        It doesn't bother me that some women can "befriend" women of their bae's past transgressions. That's mature really. But you don't have to be OC with the heart eye emojis all wild under their pictures, saying "WERKKKKK! You the baddest" when your bae probably just told her the same thing, hopefully without the "werk". Nor do you have to text her all crazy like yall are long lost sisters. Newsflash: You aren't. 

      But seriously, is sister liking the new craze? Was I un-hip to the solidarity amongst women who have been with bae movement? "Niccara, are saying I can't be nice to the girl?" Uhm absolutely not. You can't be mean or rude to every woman that's been with dude(shoot you would never have friends) but why play nice with a woman who probably still wants him.

      Lets just say it shall we? She is NOT your friend. (See how that is bold.It is imperative you understand that.) You aren't about to braid each other's hair, have froyo dates, nor will she be your shoulder to cry on when you are angry at S.O., cause guess what? She won't be comforting you, she will be comforting bae and not with her shoulder either.

          I know my girls, (and guys maybe?) see these girls, I'm talking about, giggle via twitter or IG talking like, "Girl you are the bait!" or "LOL yass too true, girls stay schemin'" with girls that are still canoodling and scheming for YOUR significant other's affections.

     Now, by all means if bae run backs to your sister liking friend let him,(PLEASE, let him.) but I'm letting you know you had a hand in it. How did you? Simple. You broadcasted all your feelings about the mishaps or about the greatness of your relationship to your sister wife that you made her want him even more or made her want to help fix the mishaps you cry about via your tweets or DMs or even texts to her.

        If any of you have watched Sister Wives, you see how all them are clamoring at a chance to be the center of the husband's affections. Waiting in the dugout for their chance at bat. Waiting for YOU to strike out!

      I've seen it happen plenty of times. I'm sure we all have. We warn our friend do not trust that girl. She just wants your man. She is not over him. Then your girlfriend says so naively "No, they are just friends now." Pish posh! HA! What happens when your girlfriend and her boyfriend duke it out? Who's waiting right there ready to comfort him with a warm shoulder or even worse, warm legs? Sister likes.

Moral of the story: Be cordial. Be friendly, but not too friendly. You don't have to be best buds to be nice. Be nice from a distance and that distance includes your business.