The Souls of Black Folks

What is the value of black life?

      As many of you now know, around200+  girls have been kidnapped in Nigeria. This kidnapping happened TWO WEEKS ago. I have heard of this weeks prior to now. Question I am sure we all are asking is, how is this not ALL in the news until now?! WHERE was the uproar?! WHERE is the UN?! Instead of focusing on Donald Sterling, which we clearly already knew was racist, we need to focus on these young girls and sex trafficking laws.

     I know some are probably upset about my Donald Sterling comment, but look guys, Sterling and his wife have been in numerous cases of housing discrimination for years. Instead of looking at Sterling's comments to his Olivia Pope [ which he was saying his culture(i.e. his other rich white friends) enforces his behaviors], we need to look at these young girls. So again I ask :

What is the value of black life?

       Because these girls do not have blonde hair and blue eyes are they deemed unworthy? Because these girls do not look like Sandy Hook children are they deemed unworthy? I suppose so, according to the media and the UN. I guess because there is no economic gains, these girls are not important?

       Remember when people were searching hard, I mean HARD, for Natalee Holloway. That was one girl. This is hundreds of girls kidnapped, most likely sold to be sex slaves. How can 200+ girls go missing without someone noticing? The value of black life was made apparent in the United States since the birth of slavery. But now on a global scale, we know and have learned from Rwanda, if it doesn't benefit whites then there is no benefit to be had. When will black life be placed on the same pedestal as white life?

           It seems as if we are still living in the 3/5 compromise era. As if blacks are not truly whole persons, therefore our livelihood is not as important to those who are regarded as true persons, as people who are productive and add benefit to this country. For every five white lives ,it truly seems as we are only worth three of their lives. And, really sometimes not even that. 

          As if Africa has not taught some of the greatest leaders, i.e. Alexander the Great, or haven't built some of the wonders of the world. Or haven't created modern medicine, math, and astrology. As if African Americans, since our captivity haven't provided ways to plant rice, make food, and created inventions that have been instrumental to society as a whole. It is truly amazing how our lives are not viewed that valuable as our blue eyed, blonde hair counterparts.

So America and the world...tell us, call a spade a spade... 

What is the value of black life?