#FarFromOver Shows Us Why #BlackLivesMatter is So Important

#FarFromOver, a video presented by HYERLearnin, & Stephen Han, Opeyemi Owoeye, stage name O-Slice, showcases the countless occurrences of Black women, men, and children, who have been senselessly killed by police violence.

This video, directed by O-Slice, was created to display to the greater community and public that the Black Lives Matter movement is much larger than anyone of us, and the power and resilience that lies within a community when they chose to work together to make a formidable change is vital to any movement. 

The video opens to a young boy and girl dreaming their dreams what they want to be when they grow up. As they dream of their future and play with their toys, they watch the TV  display racial injustices happening to communities of color. It soon transitions to those children grown up watching those same injustices repeat themselves again in front of their eyes as adults.

 Fed up with the constant offenses that face their communities, they decided to take action and plan a meeting with their friends to take a stand against those injustices. As they finish planning at a friend’s home and decide to walk out to leave, cops spot them together and stop them with aggressive force, leading to deadly results. The film ends with showing the viewer of all the countless faces who have died at the hands of police brutality. 

The soundtrack of the film was created and performed by O-Slice and HyperLearnin, adding to the organic, creative, and originality of the project. This piece is powerful, and it truly gives the viewer something to think about upon watching the project.