Champagne Taste, Beer Budget: Rent The Runway Might be Your Oasis

Ladies, lets me many times do wear that dress or that outfit after it has made it to the gram? Once? Twice? 

Where are those fits now? Collecting dust in your closet while you are consistently complaining you have nothing to wear, but funds are slim...cause well...bills & life, but I might have found your saving grace...cause it surely is mine...Rent The Runway. 

Being in DC, you are constantly having to find gowns and cocktail dresses during the DC social season, then comes in spring with weddings galore. Like can a girl live?

I hate going to the mall surrounded by pushy people & crying infants. I just want the dress to show up, and ready for me to wear, while I can watch Netflix and Sex & the City reruns on E!.

After long searches and many first world problem tears later, I decided to try RTW, and I haven't looked back since. When you can rent a Badgley Mischka for about $40 bucks, who can say no to that?

Nha Khanh Gown (retail value $1,200...rented it for $70)

How does it work?

It is simple really. Go to the site, filter how much you are willing to spend, color, occasion, sizes, and time frames (4 days - 8 days is the window), hit the filter button & take your pick.

 Pick your first size & a back up size, just in case, the first doesn't fit quite right. Now, all you have to do is sit back and wait for it come to your door. It comes in a garment bag, all steamed and ready for you to wear. 

You can even look at pictures and reviews of women with your body type and their experiences with the rentals.

Slate & Willow Dress (retail value $285...rented it for $50)

Also, don't worry about spilling anything on the dress cause that is covered! Coming from the clumsiest person ever (I fell off my bed recently).

  $5 insurance fee for your items is added to the checkout amount, or sign up for PRO for $30 for the year, which gets you free shipping & insurance for the year & a free bday dress ($50 credit to your account).  I would suggest the PRO plan, if you are gonna rent a lot.

 When you are done with your event, then throw it in the garment bag it came in & ship it back (return shipping is covered).

If you live in NYC, DC, Chicago, or Las Vegas, you can sign up for a styling appointment, if you need some extra help. You can even rent bridesmaids dresses, wedding dresses & accessories from them too. 

 Get $20 off your first rental, and tell me about your experiences with RTW!

I cant wait to see the looks! 

Happy Renting!