I Know When That (Trap)line Bling...

If you are looking for an infamous dad hat that is unique in its own right, then look no further than TrapBob's 'Trapline Bling' hats (retail: $30). The hat comes in two colorways: Blue & Pink. 

This hat kept me not only stylish, but also protected throughout the whole summer...

Whether, I was on the beaches of Cancun...

...or when I went to Roots Picnic in Philly

...or at the local day parties in NYC

Needless to say, this hat can be dressed down or dressed up. Whatever look you are going for this hat can be easily incorporated. 

TrapBob is unique in the way she takes something so simple and transforms it into something  one of a kind that truly can not be duplicated. If you looking for a gift for yourself or for someone (particularly something minority-owned) then check her out at TrapBob.com

She currently does custom pieces, as well. 

Protect Your Tresses: Hats Every Natural Needs In Their Life

Every natural or curly person knows, protecting your tresses is a must in ALL weather. Whether the sun is frying your locs on the beach, or you need to keep your head warm in the brutal, dry winter, or just something fashionable to make an outfit complete.

Finding the right chapeau that doesn't ruin your edges, create split ends or give you the terrible woes of hat hair is one of the hardest thing for anyone to find. 

I have found our savior in this never ending battle of hair crimes in Natural Born Hats.

Natural Born Hats is a black owned business that was founded by two girl bosses, Jordan Wallace and Blaire Brown. Two best friends on a mission to help other naturalistas in finding stylish yet protective headwear, that will allow your tresses to flourish at the cost of hair damage. Natural Born Hats provides stylish protection for men, women, and children. 

I have two of their hats, and I love them! They are perfect because all of their hats have satin lining, which we know is the greatest thing ever for naturals everywhere! It is like having a satin pillow attached to your head at all times. 

Most of their hat styles are unisex, but they have started to expand their line from just beanies & military caps to include: sunhats, fedoras, 5 panels, and headbands. Every year, Natural Born Hats bring more & more to their aerosol for us to chose from me. They have recently expanded their line to include colored fedoras & headbands, which I am currently gushing over. 

Every natural man, woman, or child needs in their life. I honestly haven't been disappointed yet from this company & they frequently have sales on their website, and broadcast their sales, usually ranging from 10%-20% on their social media handles [@Naturalbornhats]. I have never had a problem getting my order efficiently and in a timely manner. So if you are looking for some extra protection this winter or even for next summer, you should definitely check them out.

Let me know what you think, dolls!