Harlem Eats: Corner Social

After staying up late in Big Apple, you need two things to recover:

1. A download of the deets from the night before..., and 2. Good eats. 

New York is full of great restaurants, but my girls & I were exhausted, and we were looking for great food in a four to five block radius, which isn't hard in Harlem. This is when we found this blessing of a place, Corner Social.

You walk in and instantly feel you belong. With the cool artwork, to the brick walls, everyone dressed up and dressed down. It is the perfect balance between cool and upscale without trying to hard. Corner Social has the ultimate natural flow of cool. 

So why is Corner Social a blessing? We know brunch in the city can get ridiculous expensive, but Corner Social was surprising inexpensive. My friends and I were arguing for a good 15 minutes that the prices could not be true. For $16, you can pick one entree with either a Mimosa, soda, tea, or a Bloody Mary. Not completely boozing brunch, but they do have the option for that. I honestly wasn't in the mood to get boozy two days in a row, so this was perfect for me. 

The wait was about 45 minutes, so we went to the H&M a couple blocks down to look around for a little, and Corner Social texted me to head back when my table was ready. (I would suggest making a reservation, if you don't feel like waiting)

The menu is seasonally based. I really wanted to try the Braised Oxtail Benedict, but they ran out. So I went to my second choice, which was the Crispy Chicken Biscuit with a mimosa and a cup of coffee. We were starving, so our wonderful waitress brought out brioche biscuits for us to munch on. It was truly manna from heaven. 

We received our food within 15 minutes, and we downloaded from the night before to the tunes of Badu, Donnell Jones, and all your faves from the late 90s/early 2000s. From the music to awesome company, this place was becoming more of a winner. 

When the bill came out, we knew this would be like the brunch cafe was to the Sex & the City girls. With all us splitting the bill evenly ( my coffee & my girl's extra truffle fries), we each paid $19.59. Yes, $19.59. 

If you have leftovers from your meal, take it home. It is even better the next day. 

Corner Social is definitely a winner.