Omelet Louisiana

When your girls are in town from New Jersey & LA, it is only right you get together to gush over mimosas. The question isn't  'Bottomless or not?', because the obvious answer to that question is always, 'Yes, duh.'

The question for us is 'Where?'.

Nested in Foggy Bottom is District Commons, a sophisticated spin on American Tavern. $16 price point for bottomless Bloody Marys or Mimosas with a purchase of an entree isn't bad at all in DC.

When I brunch, I usually go for french toast or benedict, but for some reason I was in the mood for an omelet, and the 'Omelet Louisiana' seemed the best choice for me.

Crab, Shrimp, Crawfish, Green Onions, Goat Cheese

Crab, Shrimp, Crawfish, Green Onions, Goat Cheese

An omelet stuffed with crab, shrimp, crawfish, & goat cheese sounded perfect to settle my craving for seafood & an omelet. I decided to top it off with avocado on the side. 

Honestly, I was so disappointed in the meal. The home fries were dismal, and the omelet was lacking of all types of flavor besides the extremely light dusting of Old Bay. I thought it was going to have more flavor to the seafood stuffed into the omelet but there wasn't, which was sad to say the least. There were a lot of shells from the seafood left in the omelet, and just overall tasteless. The mimosas were strong and great, so that's a plus. Would I go there again? Probably not for brunch. 


Price Point: $$$

UrbanTea Rating: ☕️☕️