12 Things You Need to Know Before Made in America

As a seasoned vet, this will be my third time going to one of the most heavily attended music festivals on the East Coast. Curated by the rapper turned business mogul, Jay-Z, I find it imperative I pass on some wisdom to those first timers.

  1. Bring a functional bag. Ladies, wear a crossover bag or small bookbag & gentlemen might want to bring a backpack, too (but you guys have deep pockets & they will be tagged so that can get annoying). It makes it easier to move around & maneuver through the crowds.
  2. Bring travel sized wet ones or hand sanitizer. This festival is all day. You are on dirt and around dirt all day. The port-a-potties will run out of hand sanitizer. It is just bound to happen. Come prepared.
  3. Start hydrating now & bring an unopened bottle with you. This festival will get hot & you will get thirsty. It is best to keep yourself as hydrated as possible since more than likely you will be drinking liquor. M.I.A. security lets you bring in UNOPENED water bottle. They do have bottle refill stations throughout the festival. It will save you crazy amounts of money.
  4. Invest in a portable phone charger. They have charging stations at the festival, but believe me, it is a straight reenactment of 'Hunger Games' trying to charge your phone. Just get one of those cheap ones to last you for the weekend. Btw, turn off your Wi-Fi, turn the brightness down on your phone, & minimize your IG, Twitter, & SnapChat usage. It will drain your battery life even faster.
  5. Bring cash. The ATM surcharges at the festival are ridiculous. Bring at least $20 with you...just in case.
  6. Bring a blanket. If you want to sit down between performances, a blanket that you are willing to get messed up...bring. People will step on your blanket, spill something, or rip it. Anything goes. So if it is a prized blanket...don't bring it.
  7. Download the app. The M.I.A. app lets you customize your own personalized line-up for the day & tells you where and when your chosen artist is performing. It allows to plan out the day & minimizes confusion. It even has a map of the festival grounds.
  8. Drink beforehand. Yes, they sell all Budweiser drinks at the festival...they even have a free beer tasting for the 21+ crowd. But it is like $12 for a Lime-a-Rita. Just invest in the turnup beforehand, so you aren't paying like $50 for just a buzz at the festival. Oh & btw for the 21+ peeps there is a separate check in table for you to get your wristbands to drink before you enter the festival.
  9. Don't wear a full face of makeup. Ladies, this one is for you. I am telling you now...you will melt. It is hot. It is all day. Keep it simple. Some tinted moisturizer, some highlight, waterproof eyeliner & mascara, and setting mist...and keep it pushing. Don't reenact the Dorothy & Wicked Witch of the West scene...with the sun & humidity being Dorothy & you the witch.
  10. Be Comfortable. Again, I will say this thing is ALL day. Wear clothes that you can move in, shoes you don't care get messed up nor care that will get messed up as well as comfortable, and don't bring in your expensive jewels or shades if you don't want to lose them. Thank me later.
  11. Pick A Good Group to Hang With. Go with people who aren't high strung, can let loose, and just ready to leave the B.S. at the door & have fun! There will be times when people at the festival are crazy, but if you have a core group of cool kids who can brush it off then that's the group you should go with.
  12. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. It will be hot. There will be a lot of people.  The port-a-potties will get insane. Things will not go as planned. So just go with the flow & have a fun. Put away your phones & live in the moment.

See you there, dolls. I'll be the one with the Lemon-ade-Rita in hand.  


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