Diablo Doughnuts

I have seen the light in Diablo Doughnuts, and I am not coming back. These donuts are well known in Baltimore and should be tasted by all. 

The brick & mortar of Diablo Doughnuts just recently opened in Historically Fells Point this past October. 

They make their doughnuts fresh everyday because they literally sell out of every single doughnut, every single day. Their doughnuts are literally like a dollar and some change and their coffee is a dollar , as well, so definitely on the price friendly side. 

They have crazy favors that you should put aside your Doubting Debbie or Doubting Dan tendencies and just dive in. 

They have...

Peanut Butter Chocolate



Blackberry Lemon


Toasted Coconut w/ Chocolate Drizzle

sin crunch.jpg

Sin Crunch



Fruity Pebbles


Maple Bacon

...and wayyy more! They have many seasonal doughnuts and new creations quite frequently. 

My favorite is the Maple Bacon, but I am in love with bacon.

Tell me which one is your favorite!