Shaw's Tavern

  Eggvocado (pictured left) & Red Velvet French Toast (pictured center)

  Eggvocado (pictured left) & Red Velvet French Toast (pictured center)

This place deserves more stars than five! It was amazeballs! My girlfriends and I decided to take the advice of her co-worker, who said lunch was amazing here. We found a GroupOn deal for Shaw's Tavern for meals, and we walked down the street and went. I will say if you have a big group make a reservation ahead of time to avoid a super long wait.

 Needless to say, this place was everything and more! $15 for bottomless mimosas with your entree and honestly it was so worth it. Very smooth and potent drinks. The menu came to me, and I was completely overwhelmed because 1)I was starving and 2) Everything sounded amazing. I ordered the "Eggvocado" appetizer(price point:$9) , which consists of sunny-sided up eggs placed in avocado halves topped with Pico de Gallo sided with kettle chips (pictured to the left). If you love avocados, you must try!

For my entree, I ordered "Red Velvet French Toast"(price point:$13), which is red velvet dipped bread topped with cream cheese mousse, blueberries, and chocolate syrup(pictured to the center right). This was the highlight to my day! It was literally mouth-watering greatness.

If you are looking for a great Sunday Funday brunch or just a good brunch to lift your spirits, go to Shaw's Tavern. You won't regret it!